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Posted on March 13, 2013 by Tony Uphoff

When I joined last month I mentioned we would have some news coming soon. Well, soon is today and I'm excited to announce we're officially launching the new -- including a new site, new company identity, new features and an expanded product line. For my Media, Marketing and Tech geek pals I wanted to share a few thoughts on the changes in the media business that fueled my interest in joining the team and that helped drive our thinking around the new

I believe there have been two foundational "From-To" shifts in the media business.

  1. Audiences have shifted from interest to intention. People can now discover and engage with information that maps to their specific needs and signal their intentions based on their digital body language-whether their intention is the acquisition of more knowledge, social engagement or the actual purchase of products and services.
  2. Marketers have made a corresponding "From-To" shift, from targeting based on demographics to targeting based on intention.
These shifts are ushering in a new era of Intention-Based Media that will have a profound impact on the way buyers discover, learn about, compare and buy products and services and how they engage with and buy from marketers. These trends are also creating a significant market transition in business media -- one that will ultimately make the shift from print-to digital look mild by comparison.

The new reflects the research and analysis we've done to better understand what buyers want today as they look to discover, learn about, compare and buy business products online. We believe that our new design and approach is a strong example of Intention-Based Media and a significant step towards how business media will operate in the future.

Our new site is only one step however. We are already hard at work on v 2.0-which will include further refinements to our platform, an expansion of our suite of performance marketing products, heightened levels of contextual content integration and functionality as well as social and mobile enhancements. Our intention is to have serve as a platform that buyer, marketer and industry application developer, can each harness to run and grow their businesses.

These are extraordinary times in media, marketing and technology and certainly extraordinary times for us at I look forward to continuing to share our journey and to getting your feedback. We're also hiring! is actively recruiting for sales executives, performance marketing specialists, developers and many other roles, so take a look at our About Us or Careers page for more details.,

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