Welcome to an expanded Uphoff On Media

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

My goal in launching Uphoff On Media 2 years ago was simple: experience and learn social media and create a place where I could capture the conversations I have with media, marketing and technology leaders. I quickly learned a couple of things... First off, while I write regularly as a part of my job,organizing thoughts in a 200-300 word blog post is far more challenging than I had imagined. I gained a new level of respect for my content colleagues. Second, I learned what Mark Twain really meant when he said "If I had more time I would have written you a shorter letter.” I found that blogging can ignite feedback and commentary via a wide range of avenues. People commented back on blog posts via email, FaceBook, IM, Text and in live meetings. I was giving an interview about a year ago and the reporter asked a question regarding "something you said about the media company of the future..." A few minutes later it became clear that the reporter had read a blog post of mine but not referenced it as such.

I want to take these conversations to the next level. With this post, I welcome you to the new and expanded Uphoff On Media. Based on feedback from colleagues, friends, family and the UOM audience, we have enhanced the site, adding additional contributors, social media functionality and a new design. Several friends of mine, who also happen to be experts in their fields, have kindly agreed to participate. Charlie McCurdy, CEO of Apprise Media; Jeff Klein, Founder of 101 Media, ex-LA Times executive and currently professor at USC's Annenberg School; Jeff Sweat, director of B2B marketing and social media for Yahoo! and the editor-in-chief of the Yahoo! Advertising Blog; and Steve Farber, Author of the book "The LEAP" and former CEO of Tom Peters Inc, will all be regular contributors. We will be adding additional voices over the next few months as well.

Please let me know what you think of the new site. UOM is still focused on the initial goal; experience and learn about social media and create a place to capture discussions with thought leaders in media, marketing and technology. The site remains a personal labor of love. We look forward to your thoughts on topics and issues you'd like us to cover and as always please feel free to join in.,

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