Love Is Good Business

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Steve Farber

The emotion of love is considered to be out of place or simply inappropriate in business—especially in the technology world. Many believe that good business people keep their hearts out of their work. But, it’s the heart that brings the fire of creativity to bear on the day-to-day. It’s the heart that inspires drive, loyalty and leaps of innovative brilliance.

I’ve done a lot of work with engineers, scientists and technologist over the years, so I’m well aware of the left-brain stereotype: “I’m an engineer; I don’t do that people thing. Keep the people out of the way so I can get my job done around here.”

But that’s all it is: a stereotype.

After listening to me speak about The Radical Leap (cultivate Love, generate Energy, inspire Audacity, and provide Proof), a network specialist emailed me to chime in on the LOVE thing.

“I’ve been a manager for 10 years,” he said. “And what you said about Love being a critical part of business is right on.

“I’ve told my technicians to make the customer absolutely love you. Take-you-home-to-dinner love you. Meet-the-wife-and-kids love you. Because if the customer loves you, you can blow up their building and they’ll say ‘accidents happen.’”

We should all know by now that customer satisfaction doesn’t cut it any more. Nowadays, our customers have to love doing business with us—that’s where the loyalty, world-of-mouth, and retention comes from. (And the forgiveness factor, too, as our friend the network specialist is telling us.)

Striving to create an environment that people love working in will lead them to create products and services that customers love spending money on.

There’s nothing touchy-feely about that; it’s just damn good business.

What do you think? Does love play a part in the way you lead at your company?,

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