Have you ever sold your home?

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Charles McCurdy

Have you ever sold your home? One you’ve lived in for a while and has all the comforts of home? If you’re like me, you imagine how potential buyers are going to admire the kitchen, the yard, even little things like the switch plate covers. You hire a broker, get your home listed on www.realtor.com or wherever, put the cinnamon apple in the oven, and hold an open house. You’re ready to wow them!

And, every gawker has a subtlety—or completely--different view of the very same house. What they love or hate, what they’d keep or change. If you could see a mind-video of how each person imagined your home, it would be a disorienting experience. And someone steps up and pays the highest price and creates their own dream house.

Have you ever sold your company? The one you’ve honed to top performance, with every competitive edge? We went through this process last summer with Canon Communications. The buyer, United Business Media, saw an opportunity for continued growth, but from a very different perspective, and they’ve remodeled the company to address that opportunity.

So, now I’m one of those gawkers scouring the listings, knocking on doors, imagining my “dream company”. And in this period of rapid change, finding the most appealing features of a company isn’t the way it used to be. Imagine looking at a home during a period of rapid global warming—a waterfront property may be much less appealing than a house a mile inland! Those wood-burning-fireplaces may be worth avoiding!

I’d like to keep you posted on my progress. Unlike homes for sale, the process of selling a company is often kept highly confidential, so I’ll have to keep pretty non-specific and talk at a fairly strategic level. But, maybe that will make the discussion more fun…,

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