Marketing as a Service

Posted on November 17, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Marketing is going through the biggest revolution in the last 75 years. The laws of physics; reach and frequency, branding and call to action have been upended and a mashup of lead generation, content, customer analysis, relationship management and social engagement is creating a new era in marketing. Technology is acting as both a disruptive force and an enabling platform in this marketing revolution and we are still in the early stages.

There are 3 foundational trends that are emerging in this new marketing era:

  1. From Mad Men to Math Men: Marketing has become metric based. From Internet impressions to click-trough's to downloads to engagement marketers are awash in data. At the same time there are new tools for analyzing, adjusting and refining marketing in real time that are blending the art of advertising the with the science of analytics.
  2. Content is Marketing. Marketing is Content: Marketing a complex, expensive and highly differentiated product or service requires telling a compelling and multi-faceted story. The skills required to do this are centered around content. The ability to create a story that engages and sustains audiences are the same skills required for creating a brand or product story that engages and sustains interest from prospects and customers.
  3. Marketing as a Service: Marketing as a one-way broadcast model, done in a series of campaigns simply doesn't work anymore. Successful marketing today requires a content centric, conversational approach that engages and sustains a community of prospects, customers and vendors around mutual interest and the quality of the content exchange. In other words once a brand has engaged prospects and customers with a compelling story, this "community" needs to be sustained and nurtured. This shifts marketing from a project and campaign orientation to marketing as an ongoing service. The key is to be able to build, sustain and curate these communities and engage them on and off line.
Given the early adopting markets we serve at UBM TechWeb we've been actively engaged in these foundational shifts in marketing for several years. And we have the scars to prove it! We have also been doing research on technology professionals use of media and how they engage with marketing that helped us develop our own approach to Marketing as a Service. We post this research as well as interviews with CMO's of technology companies and case studies of various marketing approaches on our site: Create Your Next Customer. Feel free to log on on, take a look and give us your feedback. And as always, please also drop me a note at Uphoff on Media and let me know your thoughts on Marketing as a Service.,

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