Oprah, The Kindle & InformationWeek

Posted on October 26, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Oprah, The Kindle and InformationWeek. These are three brands that typically don't get mentioned in the same sentence very often. The fact that they are just might suggest that there really is something going on with the growth of The Kindle.

You may have heard this week that Oprah Winfrey endorsed the Kindle raving about the device as "life changing" on her show. As UOM readers know I'm a huge Kindle fan myself having blogged my own endorsement of the game changing device with my post "The Kindle Matters". I have a sneaking suspicion that Oprah's endorsement will drive a few more units of the Kindle than my blog post on Uphoff On Media! What hit me about this however was the fact that my worlds are colliding over the Kindle.

My wife Linda is an Oprah fan. She records the Oprah show, reads her magazine and in general listens to Oprah's endorsements. As a rule however my wife is not a gadget fan like I am. An avid reader she took one look at the Kindle I purchased, smiled and went back to her book. After Oprah's endorsement? She is now going to buy her own Kindle.

Then our InformationWeek covered the impact of Oprah's Kindle endorsement. In the piece, Antone Gonsalves suggests that Oprah's endorsement signals that the Kindle and e-books are ready to move from niche to mainstream.

So what have we learned here? The kindle does matter and the mainstreaming of the device has huge implications for content producers and distributors. We've also learned that InformationWeek understands the digital world we all live in and the implications for business today. Lastly we've learned that Oprah has more influence on my wife than I do. Although I already knew that!,

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