Nothing Like a Little Chrome

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Ok. Stop ruminating about the travails of the Republican VP candidate and pay attention to something that is truly revolutionary. Google launched a new browser today called Chrome. Calling Chrome a browser however is like calling the iPhone a telephone. Chrome represents a fundamental shift. A final statement that the center of gravity in computing is no longer the operating system but rather the web itself.

Adding sophisticated open source features like multitasking, advanced security and blazing speed, Chrome will make the web experience as well as web applications more competitive with desktop applications. Oh yea... and they don't charge for this either.

If you needed further evidence that the web has become the computational platform this is it. But this announcement also signals a paradigm shift that will kick the platform war between Google and Microsoft up to a whole new level. The launch of Chrome represents nothing less than an all out assault on Microsoft's fundamental business model. We haven't seen the stage set for a platform war of this magnitude since IBM and Microsoft went to war over the battle for the desktop OS nearly 20 years ago. The launch of Chrome will make the battle between Microsoft and Netscape look like a minor skirmish in comparison.

Stay tuned my friends. We are in for a fascinating ride. As an industry veteran, I can tell you that while this round is a clear hit for Google, do not count Microsoft out. As noted in previous posts, this battle will play out in the clouds. So what's your take? Do you like Chrome, or is it just some pretty metal paint?,

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