The iPhone Really is That Big of a Deal

Posted on July 11, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Ok by now we've all been inundated with iPhone news. Breathless reports about the new 3G iPhone, including videos and photos of people waiting in line to buy it are all over the media. Heck I've even seen multiple blog posts about the traffic that iPhone blog posts are getting.

Look under Job's leadership Apple has proven to be a uniquely gifted marketing company. Maybe one of the best we've ever seen. Certainly the best we've ever seen in technology. That being said there is more going on here than just marketing hype. The 3G confirms the iPhone as a major platform. The iPhone will ultimately have the same foundational impact that the Mac and the iPod have had on the consumer and the technology ecosystem. Perhaps it already has.

  1. Always, Anywhere, Everything. The iPhone represents the best example we've yet seen of fusing the power of computing and connectivity. Yes there have been more powerful systems. Yes there are examples of more open platforms. These issues miss the point however. It's about applied practicality and functionality. The iPhone is the first UI that seamlessly, elegantly and powerfully allows the user to move from digital apps to digital communication to voice in a system you can carry in a suit jacket pocket. The promise of mobile computing was to provide easy, flexible and consistent access to what you want, where and how you want it. This is a quantum leap.

  2. Who, What, Where. Twitter (couldn't resist. one of our editors mitch wagner twittering about buying the new iphone!) and other apps have shown us the power of being able to quickly and easily share updates and communicate with our network of contacts. The new iPhone will now enable users to add in location based awareness and communication, which will be one of the next big apps.

  3. Applications, Applications, Applications. All technology adoption and purchasing is application driven. The application store by Apple is a genius move. Similar to what they've done with music they've set themselves up to become the dominant platform for application development and distribution for consumer web apps.

Are we all giving in to the hype here? Is the iPhone just another "smart phone" albeit one with cooler marketing? Having been involved with more market transitions and market hypes than I can count I think the iPhone represents a major paradigm shift and one that will have foundational implications. What do you think?

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