Twitter Me This

Posted on July 4, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I'll spare you the obligatory "who would have thought?" lead in here. If you're not already hip to the power of Twitter you will be soon.

Yes the really cool kids are already on to the new, new thing so my power user/early adopter friends and colleagues will note the trailing edge of many of the observations here. The next wave in the adoption curve of Twitter users has hit however and as with all network apps, the value of the service is increasing as the size of the network does. We will soon see Twitter take a platform role in Media 2.0.

The combination of social networking and niche content distribution makes Twitter a fascinating platform for media. Especially in the personality driven, "have a take" blog era that is driving the majority of web traffic today. Bloggers like Robert Scoble are connecting with audiences and distributing their content via Twitter. Our own Mitch Wagner and Alex Woolfe have also found large and fast growing audience bases via Twitter. We are also seeing these bloggers seamlessly use the platform for both personal and professional commentary. We see Twitter, along with Facebook, MySpace and YouTube as key platforms for reaching, engaging and serving our business technology audiences. They are proving to be powerful internal communication and networking tools as well.

Twitter is more than a simple social networking or content distribution application. Like other emerging Web 2.0 platforms, Twitter is enabling a blending of personal and professional communication, journalism and interaction that is leveraging the power of networks. So twitter me this...As a media pro or observer how do you harness the social, business, network power of Twitter for your business?,

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