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The New Business.com

Posted on March 13, 2013 by Tony Uphoff

When I joined Business.com last month I mentioned we would have some news coming soon. Well, soon is today and I'm excited to announce we're officially launching the new Business.com -- including a new site, new company identity, new features and an expanded product line. For my Media, Marke... Read

What's Next: It's Business.com

Posted on January 15, 2013 by Tony Uphoff

Last May, after 6 great years at UBM – and a decade helping legacy media businesses adapt to a new reality defined by the Internet – I decided to step back. I wanted to really explore the trends that continue to reshape media, marketing and technology before deciding what to do next. Over the past... Read

The Ultimate Scarcity

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

My economics professor would be so proud. I was listening after all. Scarcity does drive all markets. Even if the digital revolution we are living through sometimes makes us feel like ubiquity does. The Internet has proven to be an enormously disruptive force for many industries, uniquely so for med... Read

Ignore the Analysts. 5 Reasons to Go Long on Facebook.

Posted on July 29, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

Historically I've not invested in individual stocks, particularly tech-related stocks. Given my background running technology media companies I've followed the policy that if you have responsibility for editorial operations, you don't trade in the stocks of companies your media brands co... Read

The Sorry State of Online Measurement: We're Still Honking at Billboards

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

Never has something so valuable been worth so little. Never in the history of media has a still new medium had the vast majority of its inventory valued at zero. Such is the state of online advertising. The latest click-through rates for online media sit at .09%. Given that click-through rates serve... Read

5 Reasons Advertising is Dead (And What Smart Marketers Are Doing About It)

Posted on July 10, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

After a decline of over 11% in 2009, the US advertising industry grew at the anemic rate of 2.8% last year. Estimates for 2012 are in the same range. But with two major events that are historically drivers of high advertising spending -- a presidential election and the Olympics -- slated for 2012, t... Read

What's Next?

Posted on May 19, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

For the last 6 years I have led a team that has transformed a declining print-centric business into a fast-growing $200 million digital media, live event and marketing services behemoth, otherwise known as UBM TechWeb. It has been an extraordinary experience and one that I'm immensely proud of.... Read

Jay-Z and Me at SXSW

Posted on March 14, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

I just made my first trip to SXSW. I'm not really a conference hound, even though conferences are a huge part of what we (UBM TechWeb) do. There are only 365 days in the year. On most of those days we’re producing an event somewhere, from industry-wide marathons like Interop, Black Hat, or Game... Read

Who Do You Trust? 10 Things to Consider About Vetting in the Age of Social Media

Posted on March 2, 2012 by Tony Uphoff

Fifteen minutes after the first Tweet stating that the US military had found and killed Osama Bin Laden, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer was struggling on air. Blitzer could only react to what he (and everyone else) was reading on Twitter. For an excruciating amount of time Blitzer repeatedly explained that they... Read

AOL, Tech Crunch and the Rules of the Game

Posted on September 7, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

The latest controversy between AOL and Michael Arrington is a fascinating story. Strong personalities with strong points of view, editorial ethics, management missteps, and big company culture versus small company passion make this a particularly juicy drama. Arrington has made an ultimatum to AOL:... Read

Newspapers Clipped By The Web

Posted on September 7, 2011 by Jeffrey S. Klein

A newspaper was always so much more to its readers than a printed page full of news. It was the place that provided local, regional, national and international news. It was also at the center of your universe, your community. It was a breakfast routine. It was utilitarian as well as informational. U... Read

The Love Practicum

Posted on July 28, 2011 by Steve Farber

The idea that love is "just damn good business” (as I suggested in my previous post) is equally easy to embrace or dismiss, depending on your personal bias or point of view. Assuming for a moment that you’re one who accepts the idea (and if you're not, consider this anyway—you may surprise... Read

My Conversation with Steven Waldman, Senior Advisor, FCC

Posted on July 26, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

"Assistant to the Chairman of the FCC on the Future of Media" is without question one of the coolest titles I've ever seen. Even cooler that it's the title of my friend and former colleague Steve Waldman. Steve and I worked together on the influential internet site Beliefnet. Afte... Read

Value This!

Posted on July 14, 2011 by Charles McCurdy

In order to buy a company you need to value it. That’s not so easy in the media business, these days. Lots of folks refer to multiples, of cash flow or revenue or whatever, as a way of determining future value. You project the expected future performance of the company, factor in the cost of c... Read

Google+ : 5 Key Questions for Media and Marketing Pro's

Posted on July 10, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last week, you have likely heard all about Google's latest step into social networking, Google+. I received my invitation to test the Beta version last week and have spent some time with the platform. For Uphoff On Media readers who haven't... Read

Newspapers Dying: The Demise of Geographic Exclusivity

Posted on June 27, 2011 by Jeffrey S. Klein

There are so many reasons why print newspapers are failing. Mostly, people complain that newspaper content is available on the Internet for free, so subscribers need not subscribe any longer, even though in reality circulation revenues were usually not more than 20% of total revenues. Or, more impor... Read

Moments of Truth

Posted on June 23, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

In the early 1980's Jan Carlson took over SAS airlines. The company was in poor shape and Carlson set about to turn it around. He boiled the business down to a series of what he called "moments of truth". These moments were touch points where key interactions with customers or emplo... Read

Welcome to an expanded Uphoff On Media

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

My goal in launching Uphoff On Media 2 years ago was simple: experience and learn social media and create a place where I could capture the conversations I have with media, marketing and technology leaders. I quickly learned a couple of things... First off, while I write regularly as a part of m... Read

Have you ever sold your home?

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Charles McCurdy

Have you ever sold your home? One you’ve lived in for a while and has all the comforts of home? If you’re like me, you imagine how potential buyers are going to admire the kitchen, the yard, even little things like the switch plate covers. You hire a broker, get your home listed on www.realtor.co... Read

Don’t Trust This Blog Post (And How to Write Posts that Can Be Trusted)

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Jeff Sweat

The first thing you should know when you read this blog post is that you may not want to trust it. I used to be a journalist—the very first online reporter for Tony’s InformationWeek, in fact—and now I edit the Yahoo! Advertising Blog. I’ve had plenty of time to think about the differences between j... Read

Love Is Good Business

Posted on June 20, 2011 by Steve Farber

The emotion of love is considered to be out of place or simply inappropriate in business—especially in the technology world. Many believe that good business people keep their hearts out of their work. But, it’s the heart that brings the fire of creativity to bear on the day-to-day. It’s the heart th... Read

LinkedIn. A Little Bubbly?

Posted on May 20, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

The LinkedIn IPO has generated a ton of debate in Internet, investing, technology and media circles. Some like stock analyst Jim Cramer think the nearly $8B + valuation is "ridiculous" and "outrageous", and potentially a sign of another "Internet Bubble". Others like bu... Read

From Chasing Customers to Creating Customers

Posted on April 22, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

The last several years lead generation has been the driving force in online marketing. From basic click-through to registration based programs, the majority of web marketing has simply been direct marketing. We are starting to see online marketing shift into a new phase however. A shift that combine... Read

Content Wants to Be Created. Not Farmed

Posted on April 19, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

There's been a ton of debate over the value, or lack thereof, of "content farms". The company Demand Media has served as a lightning rod in the debate drawing both ire and praise from media pundits and investors. If you're not familiar with Demand Media and other content farm op... Read

The Wonder Wall Part II

Posted on April 14, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

Last summer I wrote a post called "The Wonder Wall" where I mused about the future of pay walls for content sites. Since then The New York Times and other sites have launched pay walls to great fan fare. How are they doing? It's tough to tell given the scarcity of public numbers on pay wall reven... Read

Running Media

Posted on March 27, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

This month marks my 10th anniversary as a runner. In March of 2001 while walking around a mall in New York with my family I wandered into a running store. On a whim I bought a pair of running shoes. At the time I played tennis regularly and was reasonably active. I had bad knees from basketball thou... Read

Has Charlie Taken the Sheen Off of Twitter?

Posted on March 10, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

Charlie Sheen has become a one man, always on, global media platform. From television to radio to newspapers and magazines to online, Sheen has become a constant presence in the media. Are we watching the mental breakdown of a talented actor before our eyes? Or are we witnessing a clever self promot... Read

Rupe Was Robbed. Tales From The Front Lines of the iPad App Economy

Posted on February 12, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

If you were launching a daily newspaper today $30m would not be an outrageous sum of money to be spending. What would be outrageous is that you were launching a daily newsPAPER. Spending $30m to create an iPad newspaper application is ludicrous. With substantial fanfare, Rupert Murdoch recently laun... Read

Search to Social to Schmidt to Page

Posted on January 22, 2011 by Tony Uphoff

The shift from Eric Schmidt to Larry Page as CEO of Google is more than simply a change of leadership. It represents the broader shift in the center of gravity of the web from search to social. The surprising announcement in the change at the top of Google this week has created all sorts of conjectu... Read

Media, Marketing & Technology In 2010

Posted on December 31, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

2010 has been an incredible year. It went by in a blink. The year started out with feelings of fear and dread and is ending with feelings of excitement and optimism. 2010 will be remembered as the year the media industry stopped talking about media transformation and started embracing it. As I noted... Read

Facebook Versus Google. It's About Scale

Posted on December 27, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

No question that in the search based web world the scale of Google has been breathtaking. One key question to ask though; are we still in a search based world? Feels awfully social to me these days. Facebook's model is scaling and will continue to for a couple of reasons: Word of mouth. It'... Read

Are You Working In An Echo Chamber ?

Posted on December 12, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Seth Godin's recent post "Everyone and No One" captures the often times confusing reaction to new ideas. Innovation can create an odd polarization. Either Everyone Likes "it" or No One Does . It's rare that you have a middle ground. Seth's post made me wonder if this... Read

Google's Eric Schmidt On Goin Mobile, Apple & Personal Privacy

Posted on December 2, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

If traffic is the metric of popularity, then our Web 2.0 Summit interview with Google CEO Eric Schimdt suggests he is still the most popular guy in the Internet economy. Our discussion with Schmidt, led by John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly, received the most traffic during the livecast and continue... Read

Zuckerberg Grows Up

Posted on December 2, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Mark Zuckerberg is becoming a CEO before our very eyes. Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has been a participant at our Web 2.0 Summit Conference for the last several years. This year however, in a discussion on stage with John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly, we saw Zuckerberg 2.0. A more mature, confident... Read

Hollywood Is Still The TMZ

Posted on November 20, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Last week "super-agent" Ari Emanuel spoke at our Web 2.0 Summit. Emanuel, CEO of the talent agency WME created by the merger of William Morris and Endeavour, is considered to be the most powerful deal maker in Hollywood. At times however he sounded more like his fictional namesake Ari Gol... Read

Marketing as a Service

Posted on November 17, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Marketing is going through the biggest revolution in the last 75 years. The laws of physics; reach and frequency, branding and call to action have been upended and a mashup of lead generation, content, customer analysis, relationship management and social engagement is creating a new era in marketi... Read

The Social Enterprise

Posted on October 10, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Business is a collaborative sport. Always has been, always will be. Growth in business, whether from new customers, new products, new efficiencies or by acquisition requires collaboration. Business school case studies are founded on examples of successful or unsuccessful collaborations. The challeng... Read

Advertising Isn't Dead. It's Becoming Marketing. Again.

Posted on August 4, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Jeff Jarvis recent post "Advertising is Next" created significant buzz in media, marketing and advertising circles. Jeff-never one to mince words-suggested that advertising as we know it was...shall we just say, not in good shape. To provide a foundation for his argument, he lampoons the... Read

ET Text Home

Posted on August 3, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Clive Thompson's piece in the recent issue of Wired on the "Death of the Phone Call" illuminated some fascinating trends about cell phone use. Nielsen research shows that the number of cell phone calls hit a peak in 2007 and has declined each year since. Voice calls are also getting sh... Read

The Wonderwall

Posted on August 2, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

"I said maybe, you're the one to save me. And after all, you're my wonderwall". The chorus from the hit song "Wonderwall" by the band Oasis seems to have been written for today's daily newspaper industry. The New York Times went public this week with their plans f... Read

The Lost Decade

Posted on June 13, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Y2K was the tipping point. Extraordinary innovations in processing power, storage capacity, networking capability and software applications had driven a growth phase in Enterprise technology that suddenly came to a screeching halt. Innovation ceased and many Enterprises faced the reality that Y2K hy... Read

The Media Company of the Future

Posted on June 8, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

At some point "New Media" is no longer new. "Emerging Media" emerges. Describing the revolutionary trends that have been driving the media industry over the last decade as either "new" or "emerging" is inaccurate and misleading. Media companies have either emb... Read

The Future of Live Media

Posted on April 29, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Talk about an audacious headline! I was asked by CEMA: The Corporate Event Marketing Association, to host a panel discussion on this daunting topic at our Interop Exhibition and Conference in Las Vegas this week. My panelists; Travis Goodrich: Advertising Manager at HP's ProCurve, Lorna Pierno:... Read

The Media-Application Era Has Arrived

Posted on April 17, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

The first phase of online media was defined by "Reach".Value was based on unique visitor reach and the page views generated. The second phase was defined by "Search", where value was derived by optimizing content to drive search results. We are now officially in the "Medi... Read

A Gutenberg Moment

Posted on March 29, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

In a recent interview long time media pro and founder of MarketWatch.com Larry Kramer provided some thoughtful insights on the state of media today. He says we are in the midst of a "Gutenberg Moment" where everything is changing based on new technology. He puts forth the idea of 4 "C... Read

The Tipping Point

Posted on March 17, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Lots of buzz in media and internet circles over the last 2 days over the announcement that Facebook passed Google in traffic, becoming the leading Web destination in the US. There are as many people who predicted that this would happen as there are people who are shocked that it did. Regardless of... Read

The New Era of Transparent Customer Service

Posted on March 7, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

Transparency is a commonly used term today. From government to business to the social graph, "transparency" has become a part of our every day lexicon. There are some obvious and high profile examples of transparency becoming a press relations nightmare; sorry Michael Phelps but I needed a... Read

Listen. Your Customers Are Trying to Tell You Something

Posted on March 5, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

This is a post I did for our UBM TechWeb marketing site, Create Your Next Customer. Been getting some interesting calls and emails from the post so thought I would post it to UOM as well. The irony of this era in marketing is that we have more tools, that connect us with our customers and prospects... Read

The Laws of Marketing Physics Apply in Online Too

Posted on March 5, 2010 by Tony Uphoff

15 years after the web became a commercial platform, we are all still waiting for the Internet to become an advertising medium. Wait you say, the web is a huge advertising medium. Look at Google! Yes, the web has clearly generated a massive amount of marketing revenue. But its direct marketing reven... Read

Party Like It's 1999. Make That 2009: 4 Lessons From the Media Decade

Posted on December 27, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

The end of 1999 was a wild time. It was the dawning of the 21st century. Equity markets were soaring. Media synergy fueled an unprecedented wave of mergers and acquisitions and the Web appeared to be sweeping everything up in its wake. The Internet was proving to be as powerful as the predictions to... Read

The Future of Print. Again

Posted on September 2, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Ok so first let me geek out a bit. I'm writing this post at 35,000 feet above what I would guess is Kansas (don't they all look the same?) as I fly from Chicago to LA. While I hear endless commentary from other frequent travelers about how poor airline service is and the appalling aspect of charging... Read

The 9 New Rules of Media

Posted on August 13, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Over the last 12 months the state of the economy and the impact of the recession have been topics in virtually every meeting I've been in. The discussions have ranged from detailed analysis by "leading" economists (one in particular at a meeting in March was thrilled when at the end of his 60 slide... Read

Michael Jackson: Best Dot Com Meeting Ever

Posted on June 28, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Without question the best dot com meeting of all time was the meeting we had in 2000 with Michael Jackson-yes that Michael Jackson-introducing him to the venture investors in our Internet start up Beliefnet. Jackson was looking to raise money for a theme park venture on his Neverland Ranch. One of o... Read

7 Key Themes on the State of Tech Marketing Today

Posted on June 27, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

This is an extraordinary time in technology marketing. The turbulent economy combined with the continued Internet media revolution has created an unprecedented time of change and transformation. In discussions over the last several months with our customers; business technology decision makers and t... Read

"This Isn't Social. This is Only Business"

Posted on March 21, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Have always found it fascinating when people use the expression, " This isn't personal. This is only business". Business is highly personal. It is a means of self expression and self discovery. This isn't to say that you don't have to balance the needs of "the business&quo... Read

Regional Newspapers: Time To Burn The Boats

Posted on March 20, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Content is king but distribution is the power behind the throne. Newspapers don't have a content problem. They have a massive and insurmountable distribution problem. Time to acknowledge this and accelerate the evolution from analog to digital. Magazines have a far longer print shelf life and wi... Read

Advertising Doesn't Work On Social Networks

Posted on February 6, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Advertising has been a non starter on social networks. The financial results of Facebook, Linkedin and even MySpace reflect the promise of social networks as advertising platforms may go unfulfilled. I'll go so far as to suggest that advertising simply doesn't work on social networks. How ca... Read

Creative Destruction

Posted on January 24, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

"Creative Destruction" is the term Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter coined to define the business Darwinism that drives capitalism. The basic theory being that new ideas, technologies, ways of working, organizational approaches and other creative discontinuities spark competition ultim... Read

Enterprise Social Networking is an Oxymoron

Posted on January 16, 2009 by Tony Uphoff

Enterprise social networking sounds like one of those ghastly team building initiatives that otherwise well intentioned companies launch to facilitate employees getting to know each other. Posters with cute slogans, a series of awkward events with people standing around and someone leading the group... Read

Redefining Reach

Posted on December 27, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

In 1998 if I was to tell you that over the next decade broadcast television would sustain double digit audience declines, eroding away nearly half of the total audience delivered at its peak, and yet television advertising would increase in value would you believe it? In the same year if I was to te... Read

Social Media Follow Up Discussion

Posted on December 4, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The recent post "Social Media Gets Down To Business" resulted in a ton of questions, feedback and commentary both on and off blog. Ironically most of the dialogue has taken place off blog. This may say something about how social media stimulates interaction that's not limited to online... Read

Social Media Gets Down To Business

Posted on December 2, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

There are now hundreds of millions of people actively engaged on social networks, blogs and micro messaging services, literally dwarfing any other media in size or level of activity. And there are more joining everyday. Social media has truly come of age. A year ago, in a presentation on the topic o... Read

Where Is Your Social Network ?

Posted on November 25, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I’ve been fascinated by the growth of social networking. From Facebook to Linkedin to Twitter, we’re seeing amazing levels of engagement. This engagement is remaking the media landscape too. I’ve struggled to embrace the term social networking though. Felt too restrictive in a business environment a... Read

Where Is Your Social Network?

Posted on November 25, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I’ve been fascinated by the growth of social networking. From Facebook to Linkedin to Twitter, we’re seeing amazing levels of engagement. This engagement is remaking the media landscape too. I’ve struggled to embrace the term social networking though. Felt too restrictive in a business environment a... Read

Da Plane Boss! Da Plane!

Posted on November 22, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I've been trying to control myself but I just can't. Like Howard Beale in the movie Network, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!". Along with everyone else I've been following the dramatic turn of events in the global economy. The melt down of the credit markets has been startlin... Read

Fixing Microsoft's Media Business

Posted on November 22, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Ok Steve, if your listening here's your play. Given the ambitious, sprawling company that is now Microsoft you find yourself fighting across a large number of tricky markets. You're wrestling with the IT giants, IBM, Oracle and SAP while at the same time battling video game console manufactu... Read

The First Internet Presidency

Posted on November 8, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Regardless of your politics one thing we can all agree on is that the Obama presidency represents the first Internet presidency. Comparisons to the use of television in the 1960 election have been made but miss the mark. Television is a broadcast medium. The internet is an engagement medium. The 200... Read

Twittering a Tragedy

Posted on October 28, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The tragic acts of violence this week in Mumbai India were a sobering reminder of the shock and horror of global terrorism. My thoughts and prayers, as well as those of everyone at TechWeb, are with our colleagues at UBM in India and everyone who was affected by this senseless tragedy. The news on t... Read

Everybody Sells Everyday

Posted on October 27, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

At a dinner two weeks ago with CEO's and senior executives from B2B media companies the conversation naturally turned to the economy. There were varying opinions and reactions, some were optimistic, some pessimistic but overall I'd say the mood was pragmatic optimism. The discussion evolved... Read

Oprah, The Kindle & InformationWeek

Posted on October 26, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Oprah, The Kindle and InformationWeek. These are three brands that typically don't get mentioned in the same sentence very often. The fact that they are just might suggest that there really is something going on with the growth of The Kindle. You may have heard this week that Oprah Winfrey endor... Read

The Death of Simultaneity

Posted on October 25, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Audience fragmentation has gone into hyper growth in the digital media age. The Internet was certainly the major innovation but we're now also seeing digital media devices like the iPod, Tivo, Kindle and smart phones enable time shifting and place shifting, driving even more fragmentation. You w... Read

When the World Starts Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around

Posted on October 18, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Always been partial to the wisdom of a good Sting lyric. Everywhere you turn these days there are troubling signs on the economy. To debate whether we are in a recession or not is ignoring the obvious. We are in the midst of a significant economic crisis that has reached global proportions. And it i... Read

The Kindle Matters

Posted on October 7, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Blogging about media and technology feels trivial at a time when our global economy is in free fall and we Americans are preparing to select the next President of the United States in what seems like one of the most important elections in our lifetime. If I felt I had any unique insights or value to... Read

Did you say 1.3 Billion? China is Here. Now

Posted on September 23, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I had an amazing trip to China recently, visiting Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Our parent company UBM now has over 100 employees in China and we have several of our TechWeb brands in the region, including InformationWeek China and are actively looking to expand our business in this fast growing... Read

The Biggest 10 Year Old I've Ever Seen

Posted on September 10, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Earlier this week I attended a dinner at the Corporate Ecoforum. The event, founded and produced by our friend MR Rangaswami, software and venture veteran and cofounder of SandHill Group, draws together senior executives from across functions and industries to review successful state-of-the-art eco... Read

Chrome, Cloud & Convergence

Posted on September 5, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

My recent post on Google's launch of Chrome generated a lot of discussion. My "unofficial editor" David Berlind (as a journalist I make a great media exec!) rightfully noted my referring to Chrome's features; speed, multitasking and advanced security, as open source features was mi... Read

Nothing Like a Little Chrome

Posted on September 1, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Ok. Stop ruminating about the travails of the Republican VP candidate and pay attention to something that is truly revolutionary. Google launched a new browser today called Chrome. Calling Chrome a browser however is like calling the iPhone a telephone. Chrome represents a fundamental shift. A final... Read

What's Wrong With Public Relations?

Posted on August 16, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

If you've been monitoring the blogesphere lately you are aware that there is a hot debate going on about the future of PR. From Robert Scoble to my friend and former colleague Steve Rubel, the question everyone is asking is, "what's wrong with PR ? ". There are some obvious forces... Read

This Just In. Content is King. Again

Posted on August 15, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Content is king. Again. Every time we forget this law of media physics it comes back to remind us. Sometimes the hard way. Need proof ? Take a look at the ratings for the ultimate reality programming the Olympic Games. Far exceeding even NBC's estimates, the Beijing Games coverage once again rem... Read

The iPhone Really is That Big of a Deal

Posted on July 11, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Ok by now we've all been inundated with iPhone news. Breathless reports about the new 3G iPhone, including videos and photos of people waiting in line to buy it are all over the media. Heck I've even seen multiple blog posts about the traffic that iPhone blog posts are getting. Look under Jo... Read

Twitter Me This

Posted on July 4, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

I'll spare you the obligatory "who would have thought?" lead in here. If you're not already hip to the power of Twitter you will be soon. Yes the really cool kids are already on to the new, new thing so my power user/early adopter friends and colleagues will note the trailing edge... Read

LinkedIn or LinkedUp?

Posted on June 22, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The recent post on Bain Capital Ventures investment in Linkedin at a valuation of $1Billion got some interesting comments both on and off blog from media colleagues of mine. The discussions have revolved more around the value of the LinkedIn user experience and service than the valuation of the comp... Read

Money for Nothin and the Chicks for Free?

Posted on June 20, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Linkedin announced this week that they raised $53 million from Bain Capital Ventures at a valuation of 1$Billion. Let me state up front that raising money from major venture firms is never easy. Regardless of economic cycles or market transitions these firms don’t traditionally invest irrationally.... Read


Posted on June 9, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

In the 1970's psychologists defined EQ or Emotional Intelligence, as the ability or capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions of one's self, and of others. Our EQ, or Emotional Quotient, is the measure of our Emotional Intelligence. The theory was that IQ and experience were not... Read

It's About InfoWare

Posted on June 3, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Is Microsoft buying Yahoo? Can Yahoo survive without a sale that aligns them with a larger company? Is Microsoft in a death battle with Google for control of web traffic? Is this a fight for eyeballs or actually something else? What is the strategy for "Microhoo" if indeed a deal ultimatel... Read

Is This The "R" Train?

Posted on May 31, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Are we in a recession? If so when did it start? How long will it last? What brought it on? Are all segments of the economy suffering? Why does technology seem to be uneffected? If we are in a recession when will it go away? Is this like the 30's? The 70's? The 90's? Like 2001? Are we ex... Read

Changing The Lead

Posted on May 24, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Economists regularly produce reports that show the bias in demographic samples. For instance the latest statistics show the majority of wealth in the United States, over 71%, is controlled by less than 10% of the US population. The same sort of statistical bias is true in technology purchasing or in... Read

Exponential Media

Posted on May 23, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

What are the next numbers in the sequence 2,4,?,?. There are two answers here that are correct; 6, 8, as well as 8, 16. This is a test of thinking skills not math skills. If the path of this sequence is linear and progressed 100 steps the final entry would be 200. If the path progressed exponentiall... Read

Floating In the Clouds

Posted on May 1, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The next major battle will be fought in the clouds. Unless you've been living under a rock you're now aware of cloud computing. Cloud represents a major market transition. A new model for data centers, distributed computing and applications that will serve as the foundational infrastructure... Read

To Social Graph or Not to Social Graph. Is that the Question?

Posted on April 12, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Bit of a gap since my last post. Was inspired by our pal Tim Ferris so didn't post from vacation. Great trip to Hawaii. Fantastic time with family, good weather and got the chance to surf one of the legendary north shore spots Velzyland. Also had the chance to see Bobby Kennedy Jr in action as h... Read

Web 2.0 Changes Everything. No Really

Posted on March 19, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Hype, hope or hyperbole? Revolution, evolution or a simple change? A technology, a platform or a cultural movement? Web 2.0 has everyone talking. Last week we had a global leadership meeting for our parent company United Business Media, held in the heart of the Silicon Valley. We had presentations a... Read

Transforming CMP

Posted on March 15, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

By now most of my friends and media colleagues who read this blog have heard that we recently created 4 individual business units out of what was CMP Media. The strategy of creating 4 autonomous businesses to accelerate growth and innovation is one I've been an active participant in developing... Read

Is Branding Dead?

Posted on March 14, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Starting in 2003 we started to see the growth in spending of below the line marketing outpace above the line marketing. In basic terms think of below the line as direct marketing and above the line as branding and traditional advertising. Today direct marketing continues to grow while brand advertis... Read

The Front Seat of the Roller Coaster

Posted on February 22, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

This past week I was a guest speaker at the Folio Publishing Summit in Florida co-chairing the Executive Management working sessions with Bill Holiber President of US News & World Report. This is my second time speaking at a Folio event and both times have been fascinating and valuable experienc... Read

Video is the New Black

Posted on February 22, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Kudos to Linda McCutcheon: SVP of New Media at Nielsen Media for the line. Linda was a panelist for two of our sessions at the Executive Management work sessions at the Folio Summit last week, where online video was a very hot topic. Video is indeed one of the hottest topics amongst online media com... Read

Surfing, Puppies, Iraq and Editorial...Oh My!

Posted on February 16, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

First off a brief shout out to the Surfline.com crew, CEO Jonno Wells, Kevin and Robin, who invited me to go surfing Saturday at a private island 50 miles off the coast of Newport beach California. We saw grey whales, dolphins, seals, birds of all sorts and incredible waves. Great time. Especially a... Read

A Pattern Emerging In the Numbers?

Posted on February 13, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

We are quickly reaching an inflection point for online traffic data and the way web media is valued. The volume of information on web traffic has created massive pools of data with surprisingly limited analysis or insights that support media buyers or sellers. In some cases the numbers are hard to f... Read

Development Centric Content

Posted on February 11, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The role of editing is being transformed in media 2.0 companies today. The job of refining the work of journalists, crafting headlines and packaging the flow of content in a given issue is still an important part of the print content process. In online media however the throughput from writer to aud... Read

Is Print Dead?

Posted on February 9, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Like beauty this may be in the eye of the beholder at this phase of the media business. From meetings with media stock analysts and investors to industry events like the Folio Conferences and Price Waterhouse Coopers Media Outlook this is one of the most frequent questions on everyone's mind...... Read

Shift Happens

Posted on February 8, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

Shift happens. There are several overarching trends that are driving fundamental change in the world we live in and affecting the we think about, interact with and react to media. While there is an endless supply of books, papers, lectures and research reports analyzing these trends, most would agre... Read

It's Not About the Traffic

Posted on February 8, 2008 by Tony Uphoff

The move by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo has repeatedly been referred to as a bid for controlling web traffic versus Google. While clearly the combined entity would aggregate a far larger audience than MSN and Yahoo do individually this is actually a battle for something far larger. It's the battl... Read

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